Gestalt Conference for Psychology and Psychotherapy Practitioners | On-line


16, 23 March 2024

Jean-Marie Robine

Jean-Marie Robine is gestalt-psychotherapist, scientist, supervisor, international trainer and educator 

He obtained his Clinical Psychology Diploma in 1967, and subsequently worked as a Psychologist and director of a public clinic for Children and Families for for 15 years. He is trained in Psychodrama, Expressive therapies, Client Centered Therapy, Couples & Family Therapy and Psychoanalysis. He trained in Gestalt Therapy with different Institutes and trainers, and most importantly with Isadore From. In 1980, he founded the Institut Français de Gestalt-thérapie. He is an international trainer. Jean-Marie Robine is the former President of European Association for Gestalt Therapy, former President of Societé Française de Gestalt, Cofounder of the Collège de Gestalt-thérapie, Full Member of New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy. He is the Author and coauthor of 8 books on Gestalt Therapy translated in several languages, including Italian («Il Rivelarsi del Sé nel Contatto» Franco Angeli) and English-American («On the Occasion of an Other» Gestalt Journal Press; «Social change Begins with Two»,  Istituto di Gestalt HCC Press; «Self – A Polyphony of contemporary gestalt-therapists», L’exprimerie). He lives in the countryside near Bordeaux, France.