Gestalt Conference for Psychology and Psychotherapy Practitioners | On-line


16, 23 March 2024

Małgorzata Cynker

Małgorzata Cynker:

I am a psychologist by training as well as a psycho-oncologist and Gestalt psychotherapist. I teach students and am a senior trainer at the Lodz Gestalt School.

I offer therapeutic support to people experiencing LOSS (bereavement, anycipation bereavement, losses related to traumatic experiences and life crises). I work with people who are dying and their families.

I support in the development of people seeking the fullness of life. I help integrate loss as a developmental experience. I train psychotherapists and professionals in helping others (doctors, nurses, social workers).

For many years I have been looking at life as a process. I am learning to allow the flow that is the nature of the universe. I am seeking space within myself for both the difficult and the nourishing and empowering. I firmly believe that embracing oneself, others and events in their entirety allows one to experience the fullness of humanity and thus freedom and flow.