Gestalt Conference for Psychology and Psychotherapy Practitioners | On-line


16, 23 March 2024

Dominika Plisiecka

Dominika Plisiecka:

Gestalt therapist, trainer at the Lodz Gestalt School

I started working in a developmental relationship with another human being when I was still at university, and with Gestalt, I have been permanently involved since 2018. I provide individual therapeutic processes for adults. I am a certified EAGT psychotherapist.

I work with clients in the therapy office, but also during individual coaching sessions and/or group workshops.

In my work I always focus on building rapport, I work with the process, with what is currently emerging. It is extremely important for me not only to hear, but to listen and meet in differences. What is important to me is the truth that each person carries within themselves. Truth and a sense of freedom, one that is possible in a limiting reality.